Almond butter & jelly brownies

Hello friends!

Were you a pb&j kid? Unfortunately, I never knew the greatness of the peanut butter/jam combo until well into high school. Mum you really let me down. Although, I can’t really complain as I was that kid who had the best packed lunch. Like if it were a competition, I’d be the President and you’d be the loser. I had those squirty yoghurt tubes, jelly snakes, teddy biscuits and crackers…a nutritional goldmine (NOT!) but…no pb&j. So today I am well and truly making amends for that tragedy, with these incredible brownies.

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Nifty Nut butters

Ho Ho Hello friends!

Three days to go! I’ve been practically sleeping in the kitchen (what’s new right?) trying to cram in as much seasonal baking as humanly possible. I know some of you are probably still dashing around trying to find presents for those ridiculously hard to buy for people (we’ve all got one don’t we.) Hear hear! Stress no more…I have the answer to your prayers, a present anybody will love! This week I bring you… nifty nut butters.

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