Pretty pancakes and a pep talk

Hi friends!

This week has felt like the longest of my entire life. The completion of my final exam and therefore freshman year, saying far too many goodbyes and coming to terms with the fact I don’t have to do anything for 4 whole months! In amongst all that I had a character defining moment. You know, a situation you are forced into that defines who you are by the way you respond to it. I hope you like this post, it’s pretty close to my heart (and that’s not just because it’s about pancakes, promise.)

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The secret to being happy, beautiful and successful…

Hello friends!

If you read the title of this post, you are possibly scrunching up your face in confusion, rolling your eyes or holding your breath with anticipation. What could I possibly tell you that could be that powerful? Let me tell you folks, it’s something so simple that you may have overlooked it 100 times before. I don’t want this to just roll over you, and you to shrug your shoulders and move on. I want this message to resonate deep within you, so that you believe it with every part of you. I want to share a secret that will change your life…

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