Why fat is not the enemy

Hey friends!

Is it the full-fat milk that’s causing the spare tyre around your waist? The muffin says it’s 95% fat-free…that means it’s healthy, right? There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this major dietary component. Katie from ‘Chocolate covered Katie’ has put out a challenge for us to show fat some love this month. Today I’m hopefully going to undo some of the myths and confusion concerning fat. I’ve got some simple tips to help you get fat-savvy.

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The problem with labels…

Hello friends!

Remember when label makers were the latest and greatest invention? We’d go round slapping stickers on just about everything. The coolest kids in school were the ones with all of their colouring pencils labelled. I never did own a label-maker, but boy was I jealous of my friends who did.

Long before label-makers, there were human beings…and we really are the ultimate label makers.

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