The secret life of a disordered eater…and how to break free.

Hi friends!

The desire to fit in. We all feel it at some point. We all want to be “normal,” to be liked and accepted by others. So how do you navigate this treacherous territory when food is controlling your life? When everything around you feels like a crazy whirlwind and the only sense of calm you feel is when calculating the number of calories you had for breakfast. I want to let you in on a secret…how to be free from guilt, fear and shame…and to start really living!

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How to learn to love exercise…

Hey friends!

This post is a shout-out to all the couch potatoes. To all the would be runners (if it wasn’t cold or rainy and you had a sliver of motivation.) I know some of you would rather grow a mustache than go to a 7 am boot-camp class. But I’m gonna tell you 4 easy steps that will help you fall in love with exercise. Lace up your Reeboks…It’s time to break a sweat.

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