Chocolate chip cookies and real talk…

Hello friends!

Have you ever found yourself pining for love? I’m not just talking about some meaningless fling or high school crush. I mean the real-deal. Someone who will cherish you, take delight in sharing your crazy dreams and holding you when you are falling apart. My best friend has recently entered a new relationship which is all mushy, with a smattering of butterflies and rainbows. To some people that makes them wanna hurl, but for me…well it sent me into a deep funk. I feel this irrepressible desire to love and be loved. I feel that there is something or rather someone missing in my life.

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Just Hummus

Hey friends!

Things aren’t going so well. If any of you follow Grey’s Anatomy, you are probably fully aware of the tragic, untimely death of Derek Sheppard…a.k.a Doctor Mcdreamy. The terrible episode just aired in NZ, and even though I was prepared for it…I’m not ready to live in a world without Mcdreamy. So here I am, drowning my sorrows in a glorious pile of hummus.

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