Monday must-reads!

Hey friends!

I finally beat the flu. It was quite a struggle, but in the end it was no match for my super vege-powered body. There is so much happening at the moment. Uni work is piling up, but I’m also really excited about the Rugby World cup (because you’re not a true kiwi if you aren’t caught up in the hype.) So if you aren’t currently yelling at the ref or singing patriotically to your national anthem, I’ve got some awesome reads for you.

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Armenian nutmeg cake

Hello Friends!

I’m so excited to share my very first recipe with you. It was my Grandparents wedding anniversary yesterday so we had a little family gathering, and this cake was the perfect end to the meal. It tasted like Christmas had come early. And looked like Christmas had come early, thanks to the “fresh snowfall of icing sugar” (- to quote Nigella Lawson- inspirational Domestic Goddess and my secret BFF.) Speaking of Christmas…did you know there are only 77 days until Christmas! Holy moly that’s close! I’m so excited for the crackers, mince pies, tinsel, snow(i wish.) But at least I can finally play my Michael Buble CD again. Anyway, back to CAKE.

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