Pretty pancakes and a pep talk

Hi friends!

This week has felt like the longest of my entire life. The completion of my final exam and therefore freshman year, saying far too many goodbyes and coming to terms with the fact I don’t have to do anything for 4 whole months! In amongst all that I had a character defining moment. You know, a situation you are forced into that defines who you are by the way you respond to it. I hope you like this post, it’s pretty close to my heart (and that’s not just because it’s about pancakes, promise.)

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Almond butter & jelly brownies

Hello friends!

Were you a pb&j kid? Unfortunately, I never knew the greatness of the peanut butter/jam combo until well into high school. Mum you really let me down. Although, I can’t really complain as I was that kid who had the best packed lunch. Like if it were a competition, I’d be the President and you’d be the loser. I had those squirty yoghurt tubes, jelly snakes, teddy biscuits and crackers…a nutritional goldmine (NOT!) but…no pb&j. So today I am well and truly making amends for that tragedy, with these incredible brownies.

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‘Jumble-berry’ crumble

Hey friends!

This week marks the end of life as I know it! As of tomorrow I will be living in the big smoke, starting university.  I can’t say I’m really prepared (I only just found out I am meant to bring a duvet) but in all fairness I’ve watched swallows try to leave their nest and they struggle (flap and cry) just as much as I am. Then there is always the conundrum of what to take with you.  I’ve definitely over-packed…but most of it is food, because God-forbid I should starve! Anyway, amongst all of this madness I bring you a slice (more like scoop) of comfort, in the form of jumble-berry crumble. Continue reading