10 fail-proof ways to beat a bad mood

Hello friends!

Sometimes life is tough. Things happen, you miss opportunities or people reject you. It can leave you feeling a little beaten down and empty. You can really learn a lot about people in these moments. Are you the moping around in your fluffy socks watching Downton Abbey type? The hardcore fighter with the ball of rage in your belly? Or do you run from your troubles?

I hate to say it, but tragedy, disappointment and pain are inevitable.

The good news is…the way you respond is totally up to you! 

You can choose to wallow in your pit of messy relationships, broken dreams and heartache, or you can get up, dust yourself off and get back up on your (metaphorical) horse.

I know that beating those blues is much harder than it sounds, so I’m giving you my thoroughly tried and tested, unbeatable methods of crushing that bad mood.

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Firstly, assess the hue of your blues. What is bringing you down? Is there anything you can do to fix the situation? If the answer is yes, then stop reading and do that first.

If you’re in a deeper funk, and there’s nothing you can do about it, let me enlighten you…

10 fail-proof ways to beat a bad mood

1.Make a cup of positivi-tea. – If you don’t like tea (how are we still friends?) coffee or some sort of chocolately beverage will do. While you sip, think of three things you are grateful for.

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2. Put on your jam and let loose. – And by let loose, I mean shake what your mumma gave you! Don’t let anything hold you back. Nobody is watching, it’s just you and T swizzle shaking it off.

3. Do something for someone else. – You’d be surprised the power giving to others has. Whether it be a kind word, holding the door open for them or letting them have the last piece of chocolate..

4. Give someone a hug. – Human beings need physical contact. Even if you are a prickly pear like me (ie. Don’t touch me unless I say so.) It’s amazing the comfort and consolidation that flows through a simple hug.

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5. Get changed into your favourite outfit. – something that you know looks fabulous on you and will make you feel like a winner. Now push your shoulders back, stand tall and strut proudly wherever you go today.

6. Take a bath. – go all out. The more bubbles the better. If you are not a klutz you could even risk balancing a good book on the tub with you. (I take no responsibility for soggy, dribbly books.)


7. Put fresh sheets on your bed. – If you’re anything like me then this will sound ridiculous to you. I absolutely detest making my bed.

However, come bed time you will feel like a Queen as you slip into your clean sheets and lean back on your plumped up pillows. Trust me.

8. Change your perspective. – Stop wallowing and moping in misery. If you’re into yoga then try doing a headstand. If you are as flexible as fence post then how about going for a hike. Climb a hill or even some stairs.

Take in the view from above. Makes your problems feel much smaller, no?

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9. Find a quiet place, sit still and close your eyes. – Breathe in and out slowly, holding your breath for as long as you can between each exhalation and inhalation.

As you focus on this, you are automatically switching to a calmer state as you activate your parasympathetic nervous system. (That’s science speak for- rest and digest phase.)

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10. Treat yo self. – I’m all for treating myself any time a feel like it, but on these special occasions when nothing else works I reach for the big guns.

I’m talking bingeing on Friends episodes, buying those excellent shoes or diving into the chocolate fudge ripple ice cream.


That’s it! If you don’t at least crack a smile by now…repeat the process again.

M x

P.s. How cute is my co-worker? FYI, it’s true what they say…Never work with children or animals.

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4 thoughts on “10 fail-proof ways to beat a bad mood

  1. lesleybolton says:

    Great tips! You are definitely right. Bad moods are just how we perceive them. When a bad mood hits I have smiling contests with my daughter. Just holding a smile on your face does wonders for a bad mood. Sometimes you need a couple of games.


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