Monday must-reads

Hello friends!

And hello to a another wonderful week. We are etching closer and closer to holliest and jolliest of days. ‘Tis the season of giving and today I’m gifting you some great reads from all over the web.

But firstly, it’s time for a life update. Here is what has been happening with me…


My new running jacket

So I started at my first ever job this week. I am working as a housekeeper at a motel. It may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but let me tell you, I have already learnt several valuable life lessons:

  1. Hospital corners- not where you hang out scrolling Facebook when you visit Great Aunt Agnus…actually this refers to a way of folding the edges of sheets.
  2. Smoko- refers to a morning tea break, so named as it is the allotted time for rolling one and smoking one (cigarette that is.)
  3. Do not touch the steam press when ironing…ouch!


When I’m not working I have been scratching around in our new vege garden, planting and trying to tackle the never-ending weed war.


My beautiful little lettuces

It was also my Father’s birthday this week, so being an excellent daughter, I went above and beyond my duties and made him a show-stopper of a cake (or attempted to at least.)

For such a special occasion I had to pull out all the stops, so I went for a Black Forest gateaux.

Like all good bakers I tried my very best to follow diligently along with the recipe. My gorgeous cake came out of the oven and had risen magnificently….until it sunk like the Titanic.

All was not lost however, as chantilly cream and cherries fix everything!

Now for some awesome reads to get your week started:


Goofing around

Have an amazing week!

M x

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