Pretty pancakes and a pep talk

Hi friends!

This week has felt like the longest of my entire life. The completion of my final exam and therefore freshman year, saying far too many goodbyes and coming to terms with the fact I don’t have to do anything for 4 whole months! In amongst all that I had a character defining moment. You know, a situation you are forced into that defines who you are by the way you respond to it. I hope you like this post, it’s pretty close to my heart (and that’s not just because it’s about pancakes, promise.)

Light and fluffy pancakes

When I was in primary school we had a little toy giraffe that one person would get to take home for the weekend as a prize. They won this totally awesome reward for ‘sticking their neck out.’

In other words doing something brave or scary that most people wouldn’t try.

I was always a shy kid, so I can’t remember if I ever did get that giraffe, but it definitely taught me a valuable lesson.

It taught me that there is value in bravery.

You may get hurt. You may be embarrassed. But it is always worth it. You should NEVER let fear of rejection, or judgement stop you from trying!


So as always I’ll share an embarrassing story which happened to me to prove my point.

So there was this guy (how all good stories start) and I thought he was a really great so I decided…what the heck, I’m gonna write him a letter and tell him. So I did.

Anyway, my Mr Darcy took one look at my letter, came knocking on my door drenched from head to toe, professing his love for me and we rode off together into the sunset on a white horse. The End.

Yeah right. No unfortunately, as it turns out he does actually already have a Miss Bennett. (Cause they always do, am I right?)

My first response was to laugh, then I lay on the floor for a bit, dying of embarrassment. I decided, right that’s the last time I do that. From now on I’m just gonna hide in my room and stop blurting out everything in my heart for the world to hear…

Then I remembered the giraffe.

I did something that was extremely brave. I took a risk, and sure this time it might not have paid off. Am I a little embarrassed? Yes, but so what!

Am I gonna let this stop me from being brave? Heck NO!

Doing things that scare you and push you out of your comfort zone forces you to grow. Believe me, I know how absolutely terrifying it is to put yourself out there. Making yourself vulnerable leaves you open to getting hurt. Of course it is easier to build a wall, to keep your defenses up and guard your heart…but if you always keep your boat moored to the shore …you never really live.

In the long run what is a few bruises and broken hearts to a lifetime of loving others, sharing your gifts and making a difference in the world?

At least my consolation prize is pancakes…I mean we all know who’s the REAL winner.

Light and fluffy pancakes

Light and fluffy pancakes:             – Makes 7  (Original recipe found here.)

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 egg, separated
  • 2 tsp caster sugar
  • 1 Tbsp oil

Mix together the egg yolks, milk, sugar and oil. Add in the flour, baking powder and salt, then mix well until all lumps are removed.

Beat the egg whites in a separate bowl, until they form soft peaks, then fold into the rest of the mixture.

Spoon 1/4 cupfuls of batter onto a frying pan and cook both sides over medium heat. Serve with a generous helping of maple syrup, strawberries and a smile.


Light and fluffy pancakes

So how are you gonna ‘stick your neck out,’ this week?

  • Share with someone that song you wrote.
  • Book that dream holiday you’ve always wanted.
  • Or, tell that person just how great you think they are.

Are you gonna live life within the shelter and safety of the harbour? Or will you draw in your anchor and set sail?

You never know what adventure is waiting for you beyond the shore.

M x

4 thoughts on “Pretty pancakes and a pep talk

  1. healthyezsweet says:

    I love this story so much…especially the anecdote about the giraffe 🙂 Good for you about telling that cute guy how you feel. I’ve been there before and more often than not I got shut down..but you’re so right. We’re better off for putting ourselves out there. If you don’t try; you never know.


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