10 worthwhile Wednesday reads

Hey friends,

Summer came flouncing in unannounced this week. I personally couldn’t be happier about it. I even attempted to take my study into the great outdoors, however it wasn’t so successful. The wind whipped up my papers and the bugs had a field day attacking my legs. I have but one final pesky exam to get through and then I will be free! Today instead of a recipe I’m sharing a round-up of my favourite links from across the big wide web…

There is something here for everyone, a bit of advice about love, some awesome recipes, thought-provoking posts and even a spot of humour.

Before we get to that though, I’d like to share a little bit of what’s been happening in my world (because who doesn’t love a good story.)

 Something I learnt:

My friend Margot and I went shoe shopping right and while we were there, a shop assistant was making small-talk, as they (annoyingly) do. She asked us if we had been out in Auckland at all. I was ready to tell her proudly about all the wonderful places I’d explored- the rose gardens, the museum, the beaches. Margot swooped in (fortunately)…because as it turned out she was actually referring to de clubs and not the various beautiful attractions Auckland has to offer. Apparently 19-year olds are meant to go out at night to loud, dingey bars instead of staying in and watching Downton Abbey…who would have thought?


Something happy:

Last week I went to a Scottish folk dance at church. It was honestly the most fun I have had in ages! The ratios were a little skew which meant Aimee and I had to take turns being the man. It got a little confusing when you couldn’t remember if you were the man or the woman anymore. It made me realize how much I love to dance. I seriously feel like I missed out by not being forced into ballet like most girls. It’s like there is a secret rhythm burning away inside me, itching to break out.


Something a bit sad:

I’m moving out of the Hall in a couple of days. I can’t believe this year is over already. It has been an incredible learning experience, and I have absolutely loved it. I have met so many interesting and diverse characters and had such memorable adventures. So it is with great sadness that I part ways with my new friends and prepare for a new chapter in the coming year.

Well… enough from me, here are 10 excellent links which will make your Wednesday worthwhile:

I hope you have a fantastic week. Challenge yourself to try new things, be an encouragement to others and never stop smiling!

M x

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