How to become emotionally intelligent + bonus free worksheet!

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Do you ever feel completely frazzled? Like you could be on the brink of a full-on Britney-head-shaving-rampage. Maybe you got stuck in traffic on the way to work, tripped over your own feet in front of someone you like or didn’t get invited to a “friend’s” party. Rage, embarrassment, sadness…ever feel like you’re on some sort of terrifying emotional rollercoaster? You wanna be one of those flippy skirted, omming hippies…but you’re just not feeling it. Well, what I’m talking about today will definitely apply to you. Emotional intelligence is all about being able to identify, understand and manage emotions. Read on to find out how to be a little less cray and a little more calm…

I’m a lover of lists, so I’ve created a broken down checklist on how to improve your emotional intelligence. Scroll down to the bottom for your free worksheet!

  1. Build your emotional vocabulary:

So you probably thought you were done with vocab once you graduated high school, but you were much mistaken. Having a wide variety of words to adequately describe how you are feeling is the ticket to nutting out exactly what is bothering you. Instead of just feeling sad…you could be isolated, rejected, misunderstood or lost. The more specific you are about your emotion, the better equipped you will be to find the root of the problem and deal with it.


  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses:

It’s important to not only recognize your emotions, but also the situations that bring them about. You need to know what things you are good at, and what environments allow you to thrive. As well as, your weaknesses and the situations which just press your buttons.


My beautiful model Aimee

  1. Be difficult to offend:

This comes from having strong self-confidence and self-belief. When you recognise how wonderful, intelligent and talented you are, you will stop seeking validation from others and therefore will not be so easily offended when they don’t give it to you. It also gives you the ability to poke fun at yourself…

“You’re blessed if you can laugh at yourself. You will never cease to be amused.” – Unknown.


  1. Let go of mistakes:

Accept that you stuffed up and choose to use the experience as a chance to grow. It’s important to get up, dust yourself off and hop back up on the horse. Dwelling on mistakes and misfortunes for too long will only lead you down the windy ‘What-if’ road and the equally treacherous ‘if-only’ lane.


  1. Don’t hold grudges:

Hanging on to wrong doings and arguments is a sure fire way to end up lonely and isolated. Someone who is emotionally intelligent is able to deal with the frustration efficiently, rather than lugging it around with them. You can’t run if you’re holding suitcases.


  1. Get rid of toxic relationships:

In the same way grudges wear you down, toxic relationships stunt your growth and development. If you are always dealing with negativity it can be completely draining. These are the kind of relationships where you give and give and give, but receive nothing in return. If you are emotionally intelligent, you will be able to keep these people at arms length, and won’t allow them to steal your joy.


  1. Stop trying to be perfect:

You are human, are you not? Therefore you WILL make mistakes. It is part of human nature, because failing is part of learning. Stop trying to achieve an unattainable, unrealistic goal. Instead, strive for something which will cause you to be a well-rounded, head-strong individual.


The best yoga pose I can do.

  1. Embrace change:

Some of you no doubt suffer from a severe case of always needing to be in control. Therefore the thought of letting go and just going with the flow probably terrifies you. However, someone who is in control of their emotions knows that change in just part of life. Change provides you with opportunities to test your limits, build your character and self- confidence. Don’t straggle into new situations dragging your heels, kicking and screaming…rather embrace the change with open arms.


Download FREE growing your emotional intelligence worksheet!

There you have it. 8 ways to become more emotionally intelligent. How many are you already doing? Are there any you struggle with?

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8 thoughts on “How to become emotionally intelligent + bonus free worksheet!

  1. Grace says:

    Wow, very insightful. Some of these are so hard, haha. I think being difficult to offend is the one I struggle with the most. I’m always concerned that people are thinking bad things about me. I need to know my own value and then let others’ opinions, or even just what I’ve perceived as their opinions, fall away.


  2. healthyezsweet says:

    You have such a way with words…especially the title of this post “become emotionally intelligent” is such a simple, yet powerful and intriguing phrase. I definitely struggle with those Britney moments, ha, but being difficult to offend is one of my go to strategies to walk myself back from the ledge. Self love and self confidence are truly our strongest allies.

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