Fighting food, recovery and real health- with Hannah Darvas

Hey friends!

Welcome to another super special guest post. I’m beyond excited to be featuring my wonderful guest- Hannah on the blog today. She has such an amazing story, which I know will encourage and inspire you. Hannah is an incredible role-model and inspiration for me, hence why I’m practically buzzing.


Hannah suffered from a grueling eating disorder for four years. She decided to take what she had learnt through her personal battle and use it to help others recover.

Hannah shares openly about her personal struggles as well as moments of joy in her day-to-day life with her Instagram followers. Her positive energy and zest for life is contagious. Her constant encouragement  has helped many people learn to find balance and happiness in their own lives.

Hannah kindly agreed to answer some of my questions…

Can you tell us a little bit about your story with disordered eating?

An initial quest to lead a healthier lifestyle soon turned into an obsession. I ran myself into the ground with gym workouts and eating well; it’s no surprise that I would soon fail. As a direct result of restriction, I soon fell foul to binge eating and over indulgence.

This soon evolved into a four year battle with bulimia. After 4 years of struggling, I soon realised that I only had two options. Either to end it all or to get better; I chose the latter. My recovery lead me on a new journey, and unfortunately as part of that I fell foul to orthorexia. But thanks to my honesty and a true desire for change, I can proudly say that today I’m out of the woods!


How do you deal with restrictive, rigid or self-loathing thoughts?

I constantly remind myself that creating a lifestyle that is sustainable is my goal. Being hungry for the rest of my life is impossible. And being incredibly stuffed 24/7 is also not something I seek. So eating enough, every day; consistently…works for me!


What does being healthy mean to you?

Healthy means being free. Having the energy to go out and thrive off of every experience thrown my way without anxiety or fear. Eating everything that I love in moderation whilst sustaining a consistently healthy base ‘diet’.

Healthy means living without guilt or the need to conform. Healthy means no restriction and being at peace with myself and what I do.


What is the biggest challenge you have found in recovery?

Recognising a fear, and facing it anyway.

What is your go-to breakfast?

It’s got to be peanut butter overnight oats topped with granola. There is no other winner.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is myself. Without sounding big-headed, I’ve proved to myself that the once deemed impossible is MORE than possible.

I’d written off my life yet with strength and determination have regained the life that I once knew, and made so many new friends along the way. I feel so blessed.


What is your favourite quote?

‘Never let the world change your smile; let your smile change the world’ and ‘You can’t lead a positive life with a negative mind’


What’s one piece of advice you would like to share?

Never, ever, ever, give up. You’re stronger than you’ll ever know.


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you are keen to find out more about Hannah’s journey and see more of her adorable puppy then definitely check out her Instagram.         

M x


Isn’t she precious?

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