Monday must-reads!

Hi friends!

I’m the first to admit that I am an easily frightened person. I don’t take well to sudden noises or intense action. So with that in mind, I’m clearly the obvious choice to watch Jurassic World with right? Hmm…no.

Although I spent most of the movie hiding behind my coat and biting my nails, I can say it was excellent. I’ve never been a hard-core dino fan, but this movie might just have converted me. I don’t want to say too much because if there is one thing I detest it is spoilers… but you’re definitely gonna want to visit Jurassic world.

Delicious banana bread.

Delicious banana bread.

Anyway, I’ve got some Monday inspiration to start your week off right…

  1. These Nutella stuffed cinnamon muffins… gamechanger!
  2. This Creamy broccoli salad, a healthy twist on my family’s favourite.
  3. These delicious Sweet potato, kale and feta muffins
  4. Smashed potatoes… even more fun than they sound.
  5. I want some of these Honey greek yoghurt pancakes.
  6. Warm up with Vegetable minestrone.
  7. This gingerbread pumpkin loaf looks incredible.
  8. Lastly…this unbelievable baked chocolate croissant french toast.

Happy cooking everyone!

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