Zucchini fritters

Hello friends!

This week I’ve been riding the emotional rollercoaster that is Uni life. We have exams in two weeks, so to say everyone is feeling a little tense is an understatement. The stress is building and I’m afraid no amount of caffeine and chocolate are going to cure it. So this weekend I’m taking a break from the Big City and have gone home to get some perspective (and more food.) Also, I’ve got a delicious zucchini fritter recipe which is just calling your name…

I had a nasty chemistry test this week. Fortunately, we had some birthdays to celebrate so we went out for dessert. I am a firm believer that there isn’t much that ice cream can’t fix. This was my first time trying Movenpick, and I have to say it was love at first bite.

IMG_20150525_211849 edit

I shall keep you waiting no longer, time for the recipe. These fritters are quick and easy to whip up for lunch. They are also really filling.

Zucchini fritters:                  -Serves 1

  • 1 zucchini, grated
  • 1 egg
  • 3 Tbsp flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp crushed garlic
  • salt and pepper
  • feta ( as much a desired)

IMG_20150530_125319 edit

To make them all you need to do is mix all of the ingredients together. Then dollop spoonfuls onto a frying pan. Fry on each side until golden. Then serve warm, preferably under a lucious lime blanket of avocado.


IMG_20150530_125339 edit


Before I go, I’d just like to share my rant of the week: The great washing saga

So I normally wake up early on the weekend and nip my washing in before anyone else has surfaced. But since I was going away I had to do my washing on Thursday night. Big mistake! Every frazzled student had the same idea, so I had to tap my feet impatiently for ten minutes. Finally a dryer freed up and I was just grabbing my clothes to pop them in, when some jerk(insert insulting word of choice here) snuck in front of me and put his stuff in. I then had the awkward task of lugging somebody else’s laundry out of another drier. After an hour I went to get my stuff and it turns out that my clothes had just tumbled around for sixty minutes and were still sopping wet.

So my lovelies, think of me this week as you devour your zucchini fritters and I sob over my chemistry notes. My inspirational quote of the week is: “You’ve come so far, to not go further. And you’ve worked so hard, to not do more.”

Tiramisu dream maker

Tiramisu dream maker

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