Roasted chickpeas

Hello friends!

It’s me again! Look at us on a roll. I hope you are all feeling cozy and comforted after your soulful soup last week. This week I decided to share with you one of my all-time favourite snacks…Roasted chickpeas. These are great if you are on the run a lot, or you are craving something salty.

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I had my flu jab this week. I hate injections. But if it is possible, I hate doctor’s waiting rooms even more. Not only do I get a bit wobbly with nerves, but I spend the whole time breathing as little as possible to avoid picking up whatever nasty thing the person beside me is propagating. By the time the nurse actually calls my name I’m a tad light headed (then again that could be the early signs that I caught the disease from my waiting room companions.)

Ten minutes later after having my personal space completely violated in every possible way (what were you checking for in my ear anyway?), I was back in the icky waiting room, forced to wait another 20 minutes before I was free to go.

Other than that my week has been pretty uneventful. I did manage to tip over a conical flask in my chemistry lab which drowned my pencil case etc in a huge puddle of who-knows-what.

Anyway, miraculously I am still here, and I promised you chickpeas so here we go…

A little background on chickpeas. They are often referred to (particularly by our strange American friends) as “garbanzo beans.” They are most popularly eaten as hummus, falafels, or just as they are. Chickpeas are full of protein, and fiber which means this snack will get you through flu jabs, chemistry nightmares and even the most boring of lectures.

Roasted chickpeas:

  • 600g(or more) plain, uncooked chickpeas (the solid, not-canned type)
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • Salt + pepper or seasoning of your choice

Firstly, soak your chickpeas overnight in water. Dry them with paper towel and spread them out in a single layer on a baking tray.

Roast at 180C for roughly 30 minutes, turning every 10 minutes to prevent them from burning.

Remove from the oven, toss into a bowl with olive oil and seasoning.Coat them all nicely, then spread them out on the baking tray again.

Place back in the oven for a further 10 minutes.

Switch your oven off and give them a quick shake around. Leave the chickpeas to crisp up while your oven cools.

Store in an air-tight container for maximum crunchiness.

IMG_20150507_131330 edit

One last thought from me…

Something I learnt this week is the power of kindness. I experienced the sharp edge of the sword this week, dealing with a nasty tutor. You have the power to build people up or break them down, simply by the way you treat them.

So I want to challenge you all this week to have compassion towards others. We’re all a little dorky, unsure of ourselves and confused… it’s about time we celebrated and appreciated our differences.

Have a wonderful week, I’ll see you soon!

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