My Monday must-reads!

Hi friends!

You won’t believe how much I’ve missed you! I’m into my second week of university life now, and things are getting rather hectic. It’s a whirlwind of new people, information and experiences. Now, as I don’t have access to a kitchen (cry me a river,) I’m making this post one which features a whole load of creative and inspiring people. So if you have a mo, go check them out. You must read them by Monday!

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Frozen yoghurt.

But it wouldn’t be one of my posts without a spot o’ light-hearted ramble and a guffaw (at my expense.) I thought it would be fun to share a few things I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Jay-walking is the only way to get anywhere you need to go.
  2. It is possible to fit at least 15 people in an elevator (as long as you don’t like air.)
  3. You must PUSH if you want to get into the lecture theatre/dining hall. (no more Mr Nice Guy!)
  4. Apparently having a meal of solid carbs is A-okay (I’m talking macaroni cheese with bread, rice and a side of pasta ‘salad.’)
  5. In lectures you must be able to listen, read, watch the screen, take notes and ignore the person tapping their feet behind you all at the same time.
  6. There is a club for everything and anything. (Almost got pushed into sword fighting club. On-guard!)
  7. I didn’t pack ENOUGH food!
  8. Being alive is expensive.

And finally, this week I also decided it might be fun to try out Spin class. hahaha. Jokes on me folks. If you have not submitted yourself to the torture that is Spin class you may be forgiven for thinking it’s just 45 minutes of leisurely, cruising on a bike in a room full of sweaty, old ladies. Consider yourself warned…it is much, much worse! Can someone explain to me how exactly one is supposed to ‘sprint’ while standing on a bike? Oh… and don’t even think about stopping! Oh, no no no…your peddles keep spinning and you go toppling like a goose, onto your bike.

Alas, spinning may not be my thing…but eating definitely is (can I get an amen?) So if you are looking for some inspiring new recipes to try, I’ve got just the thing…

Here are my Monday must-reads:

  1. Sarah from A house in the hills–  sums up the impossible task of trying(and failing) to eat healthily.
  2. Ceara’s healthy choc chip quick bread – for a neat sweet treat.
  3. this oatmeal cookie smoothie -because who doesn’t love cookies?
  4. Ariana’s superfood vanilla chia pudding -basically an excuse to eat pudding for breakfast.
  5. these FODMAP friendly, fructose free bliss balls -for those who are sweet enough without sugar
  6. this turkish delight cheesecake -I can’t contain my excitement about this.
  7. this 3 meat and kale pizza -speaks for itself.
  8. and finally, oh my goodness… this zebra cake with salted rum sauce -I want!
A piece of home.

A piece of home.

Hopefully that motivates you to don an apron, flex your whisking arm and make friends with your blender.

If you don’t hear from me for awhile, I probably suffocated underneath a pile textbooks and used coffee mugs.

Have a beautiful week my friends.

3 thoughts on “My Monday must-reads!

  1. Gay says:

    Hey Megs, been wondering how you were getting on and missing your posts. Sounds like you are having the real experience. Your comment about the carb only meal really made me smile – typical food for halls.😝
    Hopefully your mum will send you a care parcel soon.


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